Neurosensus Regulations and payments

Neurosensus allows two forms of payment for services: Paypal payment and payment directly before classes. The second option applies only to permanent patients after prior determination with the therapist.

The online payment is made with PayPal (secure encrypted connection) and can be processed using your account in the PayPal system or as a payment card purchase (without the need for an account with PayPal).

Charges for therapeutic sessions should be made in advance for the calendar month in which the child will attend.

The timely payment is a guarantee of keeping the deadline.

Failure to pay the fee is the basis for refusal to accept the child for diagnosis, therapy, consultations.

Failure to pay the right for diagnosis, therapeutic classes, consultations.

Patient has the right to cancel appointment(without additional costs not later than 24 hours before the agreed date of classes (in person, by phone, via SMS or e-mail effectively where he receives confirmation). Canceled classes should be done at a different date appointed by the therapist.


Failure to inform the therapist about the absence or notification of absence on the day of classes results in the loss of 100% of the fee for one therapeutic session and the impossibility to make up for meeting at another time.


Appointment canceled by a therapist should be done at a convenient time. In the absence of such a date, the fee for the next month of therapy will be reduced by the unused amount.


The parent is required to report planned absences of the child (e.g. planned trips / and agree in Neurosensus possible shifts of visit to another date.